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Professor : Chung, Eui Sik

  • Backgrounds

Dr. Chung began at University in 1982 as an Assistant Professor. Prior, he was a Visiting Assistant Researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1986 and Visiting Assistant Professor(Post. Doc.) at Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992.

2000.5 - 2001.8 ; Director of Panning & Public Relations Affairs

2006.8 - 2008.7 ; Dean of Academic Affairs


Dr. Chung's research interests center around precision manufacturing processes in the context of modeling, monitoring, and control. Specific projects include hard cutting, submicron machine tools, predictive tooling for machining, and environmentally conscious processes. Much of the study aims at the development of theoretical and physical understanding of manufacturing technology with realistic industry applications.

  • Distinctions

Korean Society of Precision Engineers

- fellow ship member, present

- editor, present

Dean of Academic Affairs, 2006.08-2008.07

Dean of Panning & Public Relations Affairs, 2000.05-2001.08

Hanbat National University Faculty Fellow, chair, 2002.02.

  • patents

“ Vinyl tube over wrapping device, Pat. No.10-0907503, 2009.07.06

“ Auto electric polishing machine, Pat. No.10-0780928, 2007.11.23

“ A hand grinding instrument, Pat. No.10-0753548, 2007.08.02

“ Device for coupling plastic pipes, Pat. No.10-0747122, 2007.08.01

“ Connector of PVC or PE double wall corrugated pipe, Pat. No.10-0719615, 2007.05.11

“ Apparatus for Detecting the Leak Position of a Pipe, Pat. No.10-0668800, 2007.01.08


  • Representative Publications


Chung,E.S. and Hwang,J., METAL CUTTING & MACHINE TOOLS, Publishing Company YOUNG, ISBN 978-89-92843-31-7, 2011.

J.Hwang, E.S.Chung and Y.K.Lee, "An Assessment of Cutting Force for Dental Implant Drilling", ICMSE 2012(International Conf. on Manufacturing Science and Engineering2012), Xiamen, China, March 24-26, 2012.


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E.S.Chung, J.Hwang, D.C.Hwang "Analysis of Cutting Fluid Atomization and Environmental Impact through Spin-Off Mechanism in Turning Operation for Environmentally Conscious Machining(II)", International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, Korean Society of Precision Engineering, Vol.6, No.3, July 2005, pp.3-7.


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E.S.Chung, J.Hwang, “An Analysis of Cutting Fluid Mist Generation for Environmentally Conscious Machining with Economic Balance”, The 4th International Symposium on Advances in Abrasive Technology, 6-9, November 2001, seoul, Korea, pp.439-444.


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E.S.Chung, Y.S.Chiou and S.Y.Liang, "Neural Network Based Detection of Tool Wear and Chatter in Machining", Proceedings of the 17th CAPASUS Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., (June 1993), pp.26-36.


E.S.Chung, S.Namgung and Y.Ito, "In-Process Recognition of Chip Forms Using Dynamic Component of Cutting Force", Trans. of the JSME, No.88-1268B, Vol.55, No.518, (1989), pp.2632-2636.



Asociate professor:Kang-Soo Lee

, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanbat National University
Administrative Contact:
Room N7-507
Phone: +82-42-821-1086
E-mail: kslee@hanbat.ac.kr
Homepage: http://hyunam.hanbat.ac.kr/~kslee/
Seoul National University(SNU), Department of Mechanical Design and Production, B. Eng. 1987
Seoul National University(SNU), Department of Mechanical Design and Production, M.Sc. 1989
Seoul National University(SNU), Department of Mechanical Design and Production, Ph.D. 1999

 Research Area:AD/CAM, Solid Modeling, Machine Design, Design Automation, Intelligent CAD, Gear Design


CAD Applied Design Lab.
Homepage: http://hyunam.hanbat.ac.kr/~cadlab/
Scientific & Professional Societies:
Executive of The Society of CAD/CAM Engineers
Executive of Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers
The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers
Doosan Infracore Co.(1998.1.~2000.5.)
Kookmin University(2000.8.~2002.2.)
Hanbat National University(2002.3.~)
Visiting Scholar at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)(2004.1.~2004.12.)
Professional Engineer  

 Asociate professor: Kwang-Bok Shin 

Kwang-Bok Shin received Ph.D. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST). He was a Senior Researcher at the SAMSUNG SDI from and Korea Railroad Research Institute from 2000~2005. Currently, he is a Associate Professor at the department of Mechanical Engineering in Hanbat National University. Prof. Shin's research interests include Design & Mechanical test of Composite Structures, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering, and Multi Body Dynamics.
Current position
Associate Professor at Hanbat National University
Education background
2000 Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, KAIST, Korea
1995 M.S in Aerospace Engineering, KAIST, Korea
1993 B.S in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Korea Aerospace University, Korea
Phone : +82-42-821-1156
Cell phone : +82-10-4326-7495
Research interests:
- Mechanics of composite materials
- Computer Aided Design
- Computer Aided Engineering
- Multi Body Dynamics
- Renewable Energy System
- Test Evaluation of Various Materials
-Lab introduction
Name of Lab: Lightweight Structure & CAE lab
Staff: 6MS and 4BS student
Address: Dept. Mechanical Eng. Hanbat National University, Dongseo-daero, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon, 305-719, Rep. of Korea
Contact: 82-42-821-1470
The Lightweight Structure and Computer Aided Engineering laboratory(LSCAE lab) was established in 2005. The LSCAE lab has one professor, four BS and six MS Student researching on composite mechanics. We currently have a wide range of research activities in the mechanics of various composite materials. The undergraduate students and master's degree candidates are conducting the research cooperatively with each other. The LSCAE lab research activities include the mechanics of composite materials. Since established in 2005, the LSCAE lab has conducted many research projects with success.



 Asociate professor:Hocheol Lee

Associate Professor

Dept. Mechanical Engineering

Hanbat National University, Korea

Email) hclee@hanbat.ac.kr

Mobile) 82-10-3073-9831

Research interests

1. Optics manufacturing processes and equipment

2. Optical surface design

3. Micro/nano structure manufacturing processes.


Educational background

1. Seoul National University, BS(1988), MS(1990)

2. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), PhD (2000)


Professional experiences

1. Samsung Electronics Co, Senior research engineer (1990-2001)

2. Boston University, USA, Research associate (2001-2002)

3. National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST)


USA, Guest researcher (2002-2003)

Selective publications (corresponding author)

1. Airbag tool polishing for aspherical glass lens molds, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (2010)

2. Thick copper substrate fabrication by air-cooled lapping and post polishing process, The Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers (2010)

3. A study on optics polishing technology by adaptive tool and eccentric motion mechanism, The Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers (2007)


4. A novel polishing head with a gimbals-like structure for the high-speed polishing process, SPIE Proceedings Vol. TD03 (2005)

5. CMOS chip planarization of vertically stacked MEMS integration,

J. Micromechanics and Microengineering (2004)

6. Dwell time algorithm for computer-controlled polishing of small axis-

symmetrical aspherical lens mold, Optical Engineering (2001)

Recent funded projects

1. Car side mirror surface design and manufacturing process (2010)

2. High speed machining of the dental abutment (2010)

3. Free-form optical surface design and fabrication (2008)

4. Airbag tool polishing for aspherical lens mold (2008)


 Asociate professor:Rin Yun

Current position
Associate Professor at Hanbat National University
Education background
Ph.D. Korea Univ., Mechanical Engineering, Feb. 2003.
Ph. D. thesis: Convective Boiling of Carbon Dioxide in Mini tubes and Microchannels
A Postdoctoral fellow at CEEE of University of Maryland. (PI, Reinhard Radermacher)
Tel: 82-42-821-1732
Research interests:
- Natural refrigerants and Thermal properties of refrigerants
- Geo-thermal and Water source Heat pump system
- CO2 Transportation, Hydrate
-Lab introduction
Name of Lab: Energy System Laboratory
Staff: Hanvit Park, Sunhee Oh, Gihyeun Kim, SeongYoung Ha
Address: Dept. Mechanical Eng. Hanbat National University, Yuseong-gu Duckmyung-dong San16-1, Daejeon, South Korea
Contact: 82-42-821-1732
Current Projects:
1. Condensation heat transfer of CO2 in micro/mini channels for the CO2 sub-critical refrigeration system, 2010.09.01 ~ 2012.08.31
2. Development of simulator for the raw-water source heat pump, 2011.04.28 ~ 2013.04.27
3. Study on heat transfer and pressure drop of CO2 hydrate in tube, 2012.05.01 – 2015.04.30